About us

We encourage change! Are you tired of being out of shape, are you afraid of challenging yourself? Most people feel this way, and we have been here long enough to understand the challenges that you may be facing. You'll be surprised how a positive, and motivating environment can really help you achieve your fitness goals.

We support your decision to stay healthy.

Meet Our trainers

Roland Nahapetian
Owner - Trainer - Groupstride Instructor.

Today I will push harder, get stronger, and live better.
My Fitness Motto:
Our words will motivate you!
Our exercises will change you!
Our energy will inspire you!

David Lutzeier
Head Trainer - Groupstride Instructor.

Attentive and caring when it comes to helping clients meet their goals.
My fitness Motto is: Sweat is fat crying.

Mayra Banuelos
Trainer - Groupstride Instructor.

All about variety! Making the workout fun and engaging
My fitness Motto is: If it doesn’t challenge you, It won’t change you!